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Charlie's day in

The Roastery

Imagine an original 1800’s summerhouse, leaning ‘pisa-esque’ with an ancient squeaky weathervane to boot. This is where a typical early roast day starts - regardless of the weather which can be so changeable at our Moorland location. 

The green beans are weighed in our out house, wheeled up to the roastery and then the roasting process begins.

Charlie wants you to have the best coffee experience possible.  So a great deal of care is taken to continue the hard work of all those in the chain. Taking the highest quality green beans, profiling, roasting and cupping them - bringing out the best flavours.

We roast on a Wednesday in small batches on our gorgeous, state of the art, Giesen roaster.  We blend, bag and label by hand, thus ensuring consistency and quality control.

For our local eatery deliveries, we like to pack up our produce in old wooden crates. Charlie style.

All postal deliveries are carefully packaged and sent on their way to you via Royal Mail. For our customers further afield, Charlie can reach you too!